What is my App worth?

What is app price?

How much is your aap price? What is my app worth? How much does your app cost? What is the value of your app? How much is my app value?

appprice.org is a free app price, app worth calculator and app value estimation checker tool.

appprice.org helps you to find your app market price and your app value. It is not easy to calculate and estimate app price exactly. appprice.org estimates the app market price (not the business price).

To estimate the worth of an app, apprice.org calculates with its own unique algorithm. If you want to sell your app or buy a app you'll probably need to know that "what is the estimated value of the app".

Your app or a app worth may be of thousands. Maybe you don't even think to sell your app, but don't miss your chance, calculate your app estimated price and put it your site to catch somebody who may want to interest your app.

appprice.org app worth/ app value calculator algorithm, developed by Ojas Softech team, is based on many factors including installs, rating, operating system etc.

You can calculate worth of mobile apps as well as tablet apps. App Price Calculator supports all the platform including Android, iOS (iPhone/ iPad), Blackberry/ RIM, Symbian/ Nokia, and Windows Phone etc.